About the Doctor

Gary Russolillo MDGary Russolillo MD

Doctor Russolillo, after completing his education at the University of Pennsylvania, the George Washington University Medical Center, and the St. Louis University Medical Center, has specialized in COSMETIC PLASTIC SURGERY for 20 years always utilizing the newest and safest techniques for facial and body contour cosmetic surgery. During this time, he’s held positions of chief of plastic surgery Mount Sinai for 14 years, chief of surgery at Baystate Noble Hospital, and special consultant to the Johnson surgery Center for cosmetic surgery. He also served as a member of the executive committee of the Johnson surgery center and Baystate Noble Hospital. Currently he is chief of surgery and director of cosmetic surgery at Baystate Noble Hospital.

Gary Russolillo MD lectures frequently about cosmetic plastic surgery for Baystate Noble Hospital, St. Francis Hospital Medical Center, Johnson Surgery Center and the adult education series for the towns of West Hartford and Farmington Connecticut. In addition, he was selected to lecture at the University of Milan on the laser treatment of vascular birthmarks.

Doctor Russolillo developed and directs Physicians Skin Spa for anti-aging and facial rejuvenation. Various techniques with facial peels are utilized to improve and maintain a youthful appearance.


Doctor Russolillo maintains two office facilities and enjoys affiliations with the following institutions:

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Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center
Baystate Noble Hospital
Manchester Memorial Hospital
Johnson Memorial Hospital
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
University of Connecticut Medical Center
Johnson Surgery Center



Doctor Russolillo is also a member of the following organizations:

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American Society of Plastic Surgeons
Massachusetts Society of Plastic Surgeons
Massachusetts Medical Society
Hampden District Medical Society
American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
American Society of Liposuction


10 Best Plastic Surgeon AwardDoctor Russolillo also performs many reconstructions for post-pregnancy breast and abdominal deformities, so-called, mommy make-overs. These procedures, sometimes combined, sometimes done separately, can go a long way toward restoring body contours and features, which have been altered by pregnancy. These techniques are also useful in helping those patients who have undergone dramatic weight loss such as patients who have had bariatric surgery. In addition, he treats skin cancer patients, removes unwanted skin lesions, and revises irregular or deforming scars.

America's Best Physician - Dr. Russolillo