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: Applying the “Science of Heat” to treat a variety of aesthetic soft tissue conditions.

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A non-invasive solution for smoothing skin texture.

From cellulite to facial wrinkles, ThermiSmooth improves the appearance of lax skin with no surgery or downtime. A simple series of quick, once a week treatments over four weeks can improve skin texture, even during your lunch break. Whether you have wrinkles around the eyes, crepe texture hands or lax skin around the abdomen, ThermiSmooth is the simple, non-invasive solution for skin laxity. Click here to see real results…

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A single treatment solution for skin laxity.

How you can treat your sagging neck, quickly and without the downtime associated with major surgery? ThermiTight is the answer. ThermiTight is a RF treatment that tightens lax skin just about anywhere on your body. Only local anesthetic is required to keep you comfortable during the short procedure. Your results will resolve gradually over 4-6 weeks, and may improve for up to a year! Click here to see real results…

Our Results

Dr. Russolillo suggested that I try the ThermiRF on my knees and lower thighs. There was no down time, no scars, no surgery and ThermiRF can be done right in the office. I was a bit nervous but I trust Dr. Russolillo and decided that it sounded like it was my best option.

I had the procedure done 2 months ago. There was little to no discomfort during the procedure. I resumed my normal activities within 24 hrs. I wore compression stockings until my two week post-op appointment. The improvement in the knee area was astounding! The areas that were treated still feel firm to the touch. I think my knee area is 85% improved. I even bought myself two pairs of shorts!

The procedure was so successful that I am contemplating having my inner thighs treated.

I think that ThermiRF would be a great alternative to surgery for a lot of people. After my positive experience with ThermiRF, I would wholeheartedly recommend this procedure. I think patients will be very pleased with the result.

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I had a significant amount of loose skin on and over my knees and in my lower thighs, due to aging and sagging of skin, that I was very self concious about. My plastic surgeon in Gary Russolillo (who did an upper blepharoplasty for me a few years ago which I was very happy with) I continue to see him for Botox and fillers.

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